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About Blonc Virgin Hair Extensions

Blonc specializes in the finest Virgin Hair Extensions, from Indian to Brazilian and Russian Blonde Virgin Hair.

Blonc, LLC is a leading retailer of premium virgin hair, and provides pure human hair extensions at competitive prices to customers and salons around the world. Blonc Virgin hair extensions come in multiple shades and styles and are easy to apply. The virgin hair comes direct from the source of its origin ex. ( Brazilian hair from Brazil, Indian hair from India) and is not chemically treated or processed, keeping the cuticle intact, aligned, and healthy.



Our mission is to satisfy customers with quality hair products and pricing along with valuable customer support. Blonc Virgin Hair knows that customers want authentic, long lasting gorgeous hair. We take our time hand selecting each batch of imported virgin  hair to ensure we sell a reliable and long lasting product. Blonc Virgin Hair supplies hair that does not tangle, shed, or break down over time. Our virgin hair extensions naturally match all hair types and ethnicities, giving customers a more natural and seamless look.



Blonc Virgin hair understands the needs of our customers, and is committed to quality control and customer service. This is why we have strict requirements when hand selecting bundles of hair for our customers. We rigourously quality check each pack of hair before construction, looking for the virgin characteristics our hair embodies: flexibility in styling, fullness and body, longevity, and purity. Our hair is everything you expect your hair to be and must be properly cared for to enjoy these qualities. Taking care of your hair will ensure that it will be reusable for 1 to 3 years. The natural qualities of Blonc Virgin Hair will give you confidence and leave you feeling like a queen. Our hair is truly a natural extension of you, ensuring that you are “Always Beautiful!”