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Are Your Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair?

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Jan 20

If you’re a big fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta, like we are, you may have seen last week’s episode where Portia Williams stated she had a hair extension line, to which Claudia quipped “everyone has a hair extension line!”  While we can assure you that not EVERYONE has a hair extension line, there are a lot of lines and companies out there and it’s important to BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions that our clients and potential clients understand what separates us, and our reputable competitors, from the rest.

In any free market there is truly something for everyone.  Hair extensions are no different.  There are options to serve every client’s need in terms of budget, lifestyle and longevity from the least costly to the highest-end.  It’s when the term “human hair” is thrown around that the confusion arises.  At BLONC we pride ourselves on a personal shopping experience, aesthetics, consistency and longevity, all of which we can guarantee because of the superior quality of our product.  Did you know that companies can call their products “human hair” if the product consists, even a tiny percent, of actual human hair?  Shady right?  What else is in the hair?  Well, the truth is it can be anything from synthetic ingredients to animal byproduct!  If purchasing human hair is your priority, here are some tips on how to best detect the REAL human hair from the FAKE:

  • FAKE human hair will have what clients refer to as a “FILM.”  We recently had a client enter the BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions Retail Boutique hoping to find hair that has less “film” so it didn’t “look as fake.”  The film she was referring to is the synthetic coating we spoke that acts as the cuticle allowing the hair to flow in one direction.  The problem with this synthetic cuticle is once it shampoos off, and it inevitably will, it degrades the hair to the point where it tangles and mats beyond repair.
  • FAKE human hair can NOT be colored.  If you are purchasing hair that needs to be factory colored and can’t be altered then it is NOT human hair.
  • FAKE human hair is uniformed.  If you are purchasing hair that looks exactly like the hair packaged behind it, from color to texture, to length, then it is NOT human hair.  Look at your hair, then look at a close relatives hair.  Even if it is very similar in texture and color it’s not 100% the same.  Human hair has as distinctive of different characteristics as you and your mother do!
  • FAKE human hair has an inexpensive price tag.  If you’ve ever wondered how companies can afford to sell real human hair for less than $100 a bundle, the answer is they can’t!  If the price seems too good to be true, it is.  You can have superior quality or a smaller price point but you generally can’t have both.
  • FAKE human hair can have a not so inexpensive price tag as well.  Well this hardly seems fair, but it’s true.  Due to the lack of quality options and competition in the market place for so long, the brands that were always known as the “creme de la creme” of the hair extension world were cheap in quality but expensive in price.  Don’t be fooled by these impostors!

BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions is a 100% raw human hair extension company.  Our product comes from the countries of origin and undergo extensive hand quality control before they are available for retail to our clients.  We are hair extension specialists and in our expert opinion this is how to BEST identify REAL human hair extensions:

  • REAL human hair extensions come directly from a human donor.  Makes sense, right?  If the hair extensions are actual human hair then it was grown by a human person.  Real human hair extensions have very little factory interaction outside of sorting, install grouping (i.e. wefting, keratin tipping, clip-in, etc) and sanitizing.  The less factory involvement with the strands the more human the hair.
  • REAL human hair has it’s own individual characteristics.  At BLONC we like to say “no two bundles are exactly alike.”  Each bundle will be different, even if just slightly, from the one next to it because there is no true uniformity in human hair from donor to donor.  Remember the example about your hair versus your moms?  Even if the hair is similar or from a primary relative it has it’s own distinct characteristics.
  • REAL human hair can be styled.  This seems like a given, but you’d be surprised how many times new clients will ask if they can use heat on the hair.  Real human hair can be blow dried, flat ironed and curled using the same reasonable and healthy heat that you would use on your natural hair.  REAL human hair does NOT melt!
  • REAL human hair can be shampooed, conditioned AND treated.  Real human hair extensions not only can be shampooed, conditioned and treated it SHOULD be.  In fact, using premium quality salon brands, like JOICO, can restore the proteins back into the hair that are lost with everyday wear, actually improving the hair.
  • REAL human hair can be colored.  If the hair doesn’t match your hair exactly, no worries, it can be custom colored to match your natural hair.  The color options are unlimited from lifting to toning; low lights to high lights; one color to multi-tonal just as it would be with your natural hair.
  • REAL human hair can be reverted.  If you’re a client who likes diversity then real human hair is definitely your friend.  Many clients will opt for textured bundles such as: textured straight, wavy, body wave, kinky curly or afro curly.  When they want something different they’ll flat iron the hair straight, wear it that way for a while, then shampoo the hair to revert it back to it’s natural texture.  It’s nice to have options!
  • REAL human hair has a LIVE cuticle.  A live cuticle means it can be altered in any way you could alter your natural hair because the cuticle is line flat to keep the hair in the same direction and allows the proteins to be replace to achieve and maintain 100% healthy hair and all times.
  • REAL human hair has a higher price point.  Authentically real human hair is the superior option in the market place and therefore should have a higher price point than it’s lesser quality competitors.  Remember, you get what you pay for!
  • REAL human hair last for multiple uses.  The days of one installation hair are long gone.  Real human hair will last for many installs and even years.  As with any beauty based product or service at-home care directly correlates with longevity.  Take care of your real human hair extensions as you would with any product you’re investing your hard earned money on and your real human hair extensions will last for years to come.

There is in fact something for everyone in the market place.  You as the consumer must decide where your priorities lie when making decisions on what works best for you, your needs and budget.  But when shopping for REAL human hair extensions it is important to us that you are informed and actually get what you’re expecting and paying for.  Don’t be fooled by the impostors, take the guess work out and shop the best…  After all, you deserve it!

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