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Hair Extensions are for EVERYONE!

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Nov 07


There are many myths about hair extensions out there. I’m sure you’ve heard a few, we surely have! So lets talk fact and fiction on the beauty enhancement perhaps you never knew you could have!

1) Hair extensions are only for African-American women… Not even close!  Hair extensions are just as multi-cultural as a shampoo, cut and color.  Women of all ethnicities are candidates for hair extensions and the market is feverishly working to keep up with the demand.  With the availability of hair from diverse origins, India, Malaysia, Brazil and Russia, the quality, colors and textures now available reflect the increasing demand.  BLONC Virgin Hair is excited to have a diverse clientele to service.  BLONC Beauties come in all forms.

2) Hair Extensions damage your hair… The fact is, any neglect or improper care to your hair can be damaging, that goes for anything from color to lack of at-home care.  Hair extensions have received a bad rep because there are many unskilled installations and experimentation going on in the beauty world.  It is important that you understand your hair and your needs.  At BLONC Virgin Hair we understand that hair extensions are not a one technique fits all beauty option.  This is why we carry diverse options from origin to texture, length to color, wefted to tipped and all things in-between.  Your professional stylist should consult with you to navigate the best option for your hair extension type to installation style.  Many of our clients seek hair extensions to give their natural damaged hair a “rest” while it grows back.  These clients generally opt for a closure piece and a full sew-in.  We focus on maintaining the integrity of the natural hair underneath, always.

3) Hair Extensions come from dead people… BLONC Virgin Hair prides itself on transparency.  Our hair is obtained ethically and from live human donors.  Our hair is consistent and healthy and our overseas distributors believe in the same consistency and transparency.

4) Hair Extensions can only be used for one installation… Historically hair extensions have been a one-use beauty accessory.  This occurred because hair extensions were being touted as “100% human hair” but we’re coated with synthetic materials and animal by-products that would strip from the hair during wear or maintenance and leave less than viable strands that would then mat and shed and need to be replaced with new ones.  We are proud to offer clients a TRUE 100% human virgin hair option that has a live cuticle that proteins can be restored back into just like your natural hair.  We are pleased to have experienced intimately the longevity of our product.  We carry hair that can be utilized for well over a year with proper maintenance and substantially longer contingent upon use.

5) Hair Extensions are for women with NO hair… Tell that to our clients who walk in with 24″ of their OWN natural hair looking for hair extension options.  Many hair extension clients have beautiful locks of their own and plenty of it but are looking for a different look.  In the case of our clients with substantially long natural hair they are seeking volume for a special occasion.  The fix was a 24″ Virgin Indian Straight bundle micro-link installation.  She walked out with a enhanced but natural look.  There are also clients who seek hair extensions that fit their lifestyle better than their natural hair.  Some clients are frequently in the gym or are going on a beach vacation and are looking for lower maintenance options over their natural hair.

6) Hair Extensions are only for women… We have amazing male clients who seek hair extension options to mask their balding on thinning hair.  A closure piece is an amazing and functional option for the male client who has balled at the crown of his head.  The hair lays natural and flawless.  It’s the best kept secret of many men to get back to the man that they once were.

7) Only rich people can afford hair extensions… The hair extension market is no different than automotive, real estate and or apparel market in the respect that there is something for every consumers taste and budget.  At BLONC Virgin Hair we specialize in mid-grade, Brazilian, and premium grade, Indian and Russian, options which certainly makes our product on the higher end of the hair extension spectrum but not so high it excludes the customer looking for longevity, consistency and superior quality on a budget.  The same can be said for the installation options and cost.  Many cost-conscious clients choose to “build” their look.  Clients will often start with a shorter length and basic install and add bundles and color at later dates until they have progressively created the look they were working toward.  This is the biggest perk about our human virgin hair extensions, they can be utilized over and over , color, style and repeat as the client desires.

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