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Jan 31

Get curvy with our 100% pure and natural Indian Virgin Hair. You can flat iron it for a bone straight look, or you can curl with a curling iron for bouncy locks. This hair will revert back to its natural state for a wet to dry curly or wavy look, depending on which style you choose. Our Indian Virgin Hair comes in a single natural color.

Blonc’s virgin hair products are:

– 100% All Natural Virgin Hair
– All organic from color to texture
– Able to be colored
– Free of synthetics and plastics

Please keep in mind that the length of our hair is measured when straight. These curly or wavy locks will improve after every shampoo because they have the natural cuticle intact, allowing the proteins within the hair to be replaced, and giving you up to 2-3 years of wear. Our Indian Virgin Hair does not shed or tangle, making it very low maintenance.  We recommend a professional stylist for custom color desires.