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Brazilian Deep Curly Virgin Hair

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Dec 17


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Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair

Rock our curvy curls in its natural state or flat iron with a smoothing serum to achieve bone straight tresses. Wet up to revert back to flirty curls apply a styling moose and light oil to air-dry on the run for best look.

100% natural unprocessed
Natural Dark Brown to light brown
Can be flat ironed and curled
Machine wefted

This completely Virgin Brazilian hair comes in natural dark brown and light brown colors. It is completely chemical free and will always revert back to its natural curl once styled with a flat iron or curling iron. These beautiful tresses are measured in length while straight and not curly. Enjoy these low maintance locks by shampooing and conditioning with Joico moisture recovery shampoo and conditioner.

About Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair: Remember our Virgin hair comes directly from one donor in Brazil, which is very humid. Hair can become dry. To prevent dryness use Joico restorative oil daily and shampoo once or twice a week for maximum moisture.

Coloring Brazilian Virgin Hair: When coloring your Virgin Brazilian hair it is best to use a professional hair stylist to ensure the color you desire. Because of its fine texture it is easy to color and maintain. Be sure to use Joico K-Pak products to restore the glory of the hair.

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