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Russian Blonde Virgin Hair

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Jan 31

Our Russian Blonde Virgin Hair, also known as Eastern Hair, is sourced directly from Russia. This beautiful blend of silky fine hair comes in natural blonde colors ranging from a level 6 to a level 9.

Blonc’s virgin hair products are:

– 100% All Natural Virgin Hair
– All organic from color to texture
– Able to be colored
– Free of synthetics and plastics

Our Virgin Russian Hair can be Slavic or European. Virgin Russian Hair is the most expensive hair in the world because it is the most difficult to source. The style that we provide is best suited for Caucasian women for the most natural outcome, and can also be colored to higher blonde tones for a custom color. Our Virgin Russian Hair will last you a life time if cared for properly, and can be best maintained with our Joico shampoo and conditioner. Achieve sexy, bold looks by using a curling iron or flat iron on your premium Russian Virgin Hair, creating the style that suits you best!

About Russian Virgin Hair: When you receive your Virgin Russian Hair, it is completely natural with no chemical processing. You can improve your Virgin Russian Hair by shampooing and conditioning it right out of the package. At Blonc Virgin Hair, we pre-shampoo and condition all of our hair to ensure it is the best possible quality before it is sent to you. Using Joico moisture recovery shampoo and conditioner will allow for maximum absorption of moisture into the hair, as well as provide an effective deep condition. Our Russian Virgin Hair has the natural cuticle in tact, allowing you to consistently improve the quality of hair over time with careful treatment.

Coloring Russian Virgin Hair: Russian Virgin Hair is the easiest hair to lift with bleach and toner because it is in a natural blonde state. After you have lifted and toned to your desired color, use the Joico K-Pak product line to restore the hair to its natural beauty and prevent damage that can be caused by harsh lighteners and chemicals. We suggest using a professional hair stylist for coloring.