Google+ Testimonials - Blonc Virgin Hair Extensions


“Blonc Virgin Hair is EXTRAORDINARY!

Let me first say that I am one of those people that do not want to do ANYTHING to my hair – the easier to care for; the better for me!

I can truly ‘see and feel’ the difference with having Virgin Hair over other Remy products.

Usually – with other hair, you will see tangling at the ends after a few weeks (especially if you wear your hair longer) and will experience difficulty in brushing through your hair. With the BLONC Virgin Hair product, I am glad to report that I can still brush through my hair with NO tangling or yanking. I wrap it (almost) every night and roll it when I want curl! And occasionally, I use the curling iron (not well) and it responds beautifully!

I am so excited to have access to this premium hair! Thank you Bianca for educating me!

Vanessa Thomas-Jones”