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Save HUNDREDS of Dollars with BLONC Virgin Hair!

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Mar 05

Have you ever heard the phrase “do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again?”  Or “invest more in the beginning to save in the end?”  Generally these phrases are used when making an investment… on anything… time, labor or material possessions.  It’s our fiscal instinct to try to save money, if we’re smart!  But saving money on certain things will definitely cost you in the end.  Hair extensions is a great example of that.

We all know that hair extensions can be a costly beauty investment, but well worth the expense for the clientele.  BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions is a company built out of necessity.  The market was simply lacking in quality, multiple install, hair extensions.  WE did the math for you to help you save in the end!

BLONC Indian Blonde Straight 18″-22″


Leading Competitor: Blonde 18″ Straight (MSRP $179.95)

BLONC: Indian Blonde 18″ Straight (MSRP $205)

The leading competitor brand has a record FOUR month usage.  Four months being the longest the bundles will go without shedding to a bare track or matting beyond restoration.  BLONC brand has a record 18 months longevity.  So the $25.05 you saved on your initial install has cost you $334.85 MORE over a 12 month period!

BLONC Virgin Indian Wavy

BLONC Virgin Indian Wavy 22″

Leading Competitor: Wavy Indian Remi 22″ (MSRP $184.99)

BLONC: Indian Wavy 22″ (MSRP $260)

On this leading competitor’s remi product you will be hard pressed to get 6 weeks usage out of a bundle, once shampooed and the synthetic cuticle is washed away.  Using this product longer than that will certainly have you fighting your weave.  BLONC brand Virgin Indian Wavy will last you well over a year without having to replace it.  The initial savings of $75.01 has actually cost you $1,343.25 MORE over the course of a year!

BLONC Virgin Brazilian Straight

BLONC Virgin Brazilian Straight

 Leading Competitor: Brazilian Remy Straight 14″ (MSRP $129)

BLONC: Virgin Brazilian Straight 14″ (MSRP $117)

Interestingly enough, you actually save nothing upfront by going with a remy option over our Virgin Brazilian option.  BLONC brand Brazilian collection is our mid-grade option.  It’s still a superior quality over store brands but a step below the grade of our Russian and Indian collections.  BLONC Virgin Brazilian will last up to a year, while the leading competitor’s remy option will last 4-6 weeks before it begins to tangle, mat and shed. You will pay $12 more up front for the competitors option and up to $1,001 MORE over the course of a year.

So, the decision is yours, pay more upfront to save in the end?  Or pay more over the course of time?  Shop with the girls who care and wear the hair…  Shop BLONC Virgin Hair!

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