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The Black Market Hair Scare: The Dos and Don’ts of Human Hair Extensions

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Oct 21

Human hair extensions are quickly becoming a popular option for many consumers. While there are several companies that obtain their products by using humane and healthy practices, the increased demand for human hair has created a dangerous black market.  BLONC Virgin Hair, gives our expert advice on how to navigate the market and avoid unhealthy products.
“All hair extensions are not created equal.  Like any product on the market there is a hierarchy of hair extensions ranging from the lowest quality man-made brands to the highest quality human virgin brands. The difference with human hair extensions is that making an uneducated decision can lead to serious health issues. However, there are a few easy steps consumers can take to have a safe and worry free experience.”
The Dos and Don’t’s of Purchasing Hair Extensions
Know Thy Stylist: If you’ve never seen their space, work, or didn’t receive a reputable referral you have no idea who you’re dealing with or what the final product could be. Licensed professionals adhere to a code of sanitation through State Boards.  Weaving tools are comparable to surgical tools; they come into contact with bodily fluids, blood and bacterial fungus.  If weaving tools aren’t properly sterilized it’s possible to spread infections from one client to the next. Be sure your stylist is licensed and can provide great referrals.
Think Twice about Price:  With any product or service, you get what you pay for.  Trying to get basement bargains means you’re sacrificing quality and consistency somewhere and it could cost you physically and financially in the end.  If it seems too good to be true, it is! Any professional hair extension company or stylist understands that everyone has a budget and if there are ways to work with your budget they will tend to do so by suggesting quality but less expensive hair options, offering a quality but lower price point option of a licensed junior stylist, or suggesting holding off on added services until it’s a more economical option for you.
Know the Origin:  Do you know where your hair originates?  How it was obtained? How long it will last?  With the rise of black market hair it is crucial you, as a consumer, know where your hair is from.  Reputable companies will freely offer this information to you, knowing that they carry quality and ethically obtained hair.
Study Up:  Customers occasionally make the mistake of allowing their enthusiasm to trump their due diligence as a consumer.  Hair extensions and installations can be a costly and time-consuming process.  You should always research your options in terms of brands and quality of hair, your best installation options and of course the quality of work for any potential new stylist you may use.
ALWAYS Ask:  At BLONC Virgin Hair, every new client is emailed a thorough client expectations, FAQ and pricing PDF before their mandatory consultation.  Once they have reviewed the most common questions then they, along with our team, can ask questions that are more catered to their needs and concerns.  Always be weary of anyone who either can’t or won’t take the time to answer your questions.  That will likely be a reflection of their work.
About BLONC Virgin Hair: BLONC carries traceable Indian temple hair.  In villages all over India men, women and children wait in lines for many hours to give an offering of their hair.  Once the hair is purchased at auction by the factory from the temple it is washed, disinfected and sorted by length, texture, color and wave pattern. The hair is then machine wefted and dried in the sun before it is shipped. Upon arrival to BLONC the hair is then sanitized and conditioned to insure the hair is 100% healthy. For more information please visit

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