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Before and After: IKEA Centennial/ BLONC a Hair Extension Salon and Retail Boutique

BLONC a Hair Extension Salon and Retail Boutique, in Denver, CO, partnered with IKEA Centennial’s Business Department to transform the salon space into a custom home for a small growing business. BLONC, a concept salon and one stop shop for all hair extension needs now has a custom space for it’s growing clientele in a new FlagShip location.


BLONC Virgin Hair: Your exclusive look at the very first BLONC Virgin Hair photoshoot. The versatility of BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions is featured. Notice the movement of the hair at every stage. BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions is proud to use our own models and products for all promotional and website photography.


BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions Virgin Indian Hair: BLONC CEO and Platform Master Stylist, Bianca Blonc’, takes viewers through the install process for a full sew-in using BLONC Virgin Indian Hair.  The ease of the install and the natural appearance of the final style is highlighted.


BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions Behind-the-Scenes: At BLONC Virgin Hair Extensions we believe in transparency so our clients understand what to expect from us and our products.  Know that shopping BLONC Virgin Hair means shopping a brand that will take you through the hair extension transition from shopping to install.  In this behind-the-scenes look, our CEO breaks down the textures, styles and options for any BLONC Beauty.  Watch the transition of the textures from straight to curly, wavy, to body wavy.  The BLONC Beauties are modeling a variety of installs from sew-in, beading, quick weaves and custom color.